The Dearth of Student Responsibility Essay

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“The Dea(r)th of Student Responsibility”
Rhetorical Situation
Writer- I am a college student and a high school senior who has seen many examples of the lack of responsibility the authors write about in this article throughout my years of schooling.
Audience- Any teacher or student who has come in contact with the issues discussed in the article will be interested in it and will be who this essay is aimed at.
Topic- I will be writing about my experiences with students, and even teachers, who lack responsibility in the educational world, and how it is effecting them and the people around them now and in the future.
Purpose- Reflect on the article and its study of the continuing decline of student’s and teacher’s desire to work and be
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Unfortunately there has been many times when I took on too much in my life and not everything could always be done on time without me getting zero sleep or sacrificing all social contact. Sometimes teachers would give me one chance to make up for it if I made the effort. Other times, students give up because they know their teacher cannot help them or will not. Teachers need to find a way to balance being strict enough to make sure they get their work done, but still have hope that they can be successful no matter what.
On the teacher’s end, I think the frustration stems from the amount of time they spend trying to teach and help students that is put to waste today. Watching the students in their classes disregard their teachings and homework must be incredibly discouraging. To see this happen in colleges more and more is what can cause teachers to become less strict or less vigorous in their teachings. This is understandable, and it is the responsibility of the student to show interest and be an active learner in the classroom to help make the teachers feel that their hard work is actually worth it. So while some can be blamed on the teacher, most is the student’s responsibility.
So, there are of course several factors contributing to this lack of caring felt in students in colleges around the country. They have lost steam and do not have the work ethic to be a good student anymore. Hopefully, teachers and schools will find