Pro Death Penalty

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Society should not be the judge of who deserves to live or die. The death penalty is a quick fix for something much more complex, and is precisely why it should be outlawed worldwide. It is a brutal and immoral law that undermines the basic foundations of society. Although many are convinced that it is beneficial in bringing justice to the people, capital punishment should be illegal due to it costing twice as much than life in prison, risks execution of innocent people, and it being ineffective in reducing crime.

To start off with, the cost is a detrimental issue with the death penalty, as it is more expensive to execute a prisoner, than it is to keep him locked up for life. To pursue this further, it currently costs more than two million dollars per inmate to carry out the death sentence than to keep an inmate in prison for forty years. This is because people on death row need to be in their own compound, isolated from the general population. With the struggling economy, it does not help to waste away money as if it were in an everlasting, abundant supply. America exemplifies this concept perfectly as they still practice capital punishment. Due to the fact that this nation is in great debt to China, they are still however, spending millions of dollars on executing prisoners. If the Americans terminated the death penalty, it is quite apparent that they could use the saved money to potentially start paying off their debt. Examples of other countries that have the death penalty implemented are Japan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

In addition to this, in todays society, it is a challenge to differentiate between the guilty and the innocent. With this being said, the fact still remains that an average of six prisoners each year get executed, and later are proven innocent. The death penalty therefore works against the original purpose of society's judicial system: as its name suggests, to provide justice to the people. At least when an individual is incarcerated, he has a chance to mend his outlook on life; to a certain degree, doing time in prison can simply better him as an individual. In contrast, capital punishment blindly eliminates the issue, rather than addressing it.

Furthermore, capital punishment is ineffective in reducing crime. In fact, certain states in America obtain a higher rate of