The Destructors

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Name: Trang Nguyen March 5th , 2012 RESPONSE JOURNAL THE DESTRUSTORS
In the short story “ The Destructors” by Graham Greene, a group of adolescents expresses their anger and frustration against society by devastating the last remaining house after the war. At first, Blackie is the leader of the gang; however, he soon loses his position when Trevor, the protagonist, develops a superior plan for the gang’s activities. Trevor is a child, who is full of desires to take revenge of the middle class, where he comes from. He plans to destroy Mr. Thomas ‘s house from inside out. He shows his leadership ability through precisely making a detailed plan, which initially astonishes the gangs. The boys do not trust “ Old Misery”, even though he offers them candy. The climax happens when they are working on ruining the house; Mr. Thomas arrives home earlier than their expectation. Trevor and his group are threatened but they soon come up with the plan. The gangs lock Old Misery in the loo while they go on destroying his house. They give him a blanket and food for a night to show that they do not hate him. The last thing that the boys do is to attach a rope to a lottery, then next morning, the driver accidentally pull down the house when he attempts to drive away. The last scene of destructive house gives the boys a sense of fulfillment, simultaneously is humorous to the lottery driver; however, it brings a feeling of lost and devastation to Mr. Thomas.
Wars affect society in a way that is painful, especially for children who are inevitably innocent victims. Children who witnessed the destructions and violence of the wars seem to be affected badly in what they think and act in the pessimistic way. As an example, a group of adolescents who have experienced the hardship of war form the Wormsley Common gang. At this age as innocent children, they should have acted care freely and naturally; whereas, a group of boys in this story especially Trevor, who used to belong the middle class, turn their backs against society. They seek for revenge on the adult world destroying their childhood with devastating wars. They act as the adults cruelly and selfishly when destroying Mr. Thomas’s house from the inside out, which may bring them a sense of fulfillment. It is ironic when the boys lock Mr. Thomas in the loo, but still give him a blanket and food. Moreover, as the boys finalize their plan of vandalism, Mike reminds them “ I’ve got to go to church”. Apparently, those