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Being an avid sports fan my whole life introduced me to the world of communications. Growing up and watching my favorite teams on television, I would pay attention to the announcers and color commentators as they called the game. Hearing them change from player to player and everything they said seemed so natural as they would flow together sentence fragments and made up words together perfectly truly fascinated me. There is one sportscaster who always jumps into mind when I am watching the New Jersey Devils play. Mike Emrick, also known as “Doc” never ceases to amaze me with his witty play calling, creativity and flow. Because of Doc’s extensive vocabulary, uncanny ability to improvise on the go, his vast knowledge of the game, and his unparalleled work ethic, Mike Emrick became one of the most prolific and successful sportscasters in the National Hockey League and the world. Born August 1, 1946 in a town called La Fontaine in Indiana, Emrick is most known for his work in the sport of ice hockey. He is currently the lead announcer for NHL national telecasts on NBC and NBC Sports, and on top of that Doc announces for the Olympics. In 1968 Mike received his bachelor’s degree in speech from Manchester University, from there he went on and earned his master’s in radio and television from Miami University, then Emrick found himself at Bowling Green University earning his Ph.D. in radio-television and film in 1976. Having earned a Ph.D. and his general knowledge of anything sports is why everyone calls him Doc. “Well, it's not exactly WHY everyone calls him Doc. It's just a good excuse. He looks like a doctor. He sounds like a doctor. And the years he has spent studying the craft of hockey announcing, well, Doc is really the only nickname that fits anyway.” (Posnanski) Emrick has been sports casting professionally since 1973 when he was hired by Port Huron Flags' general manager Morris Snider to do play-by-play and public relations for the IHL team. In 1977 he took on the same two roles with the first year Amateur Hockey League; an NHL affiliate, Maine Mariners for three seasons. Emrick then served as the Devils first voice in New Jersey, the team I grew up watching. He announced for all three of New Jersey’s Stanley Cup Championships and still says that each one was as memorable as the first. He was on air in 1995 broadcasting the Devils versus Detroit series along John Davidson a long time NHL announcer. Doc was calling the game and as the clock was winding down in the final period it was definite that the Devils would win the championship. Thorne looked to Doc and told him “really pay attention and take in everything because you will remember these moments for the rest of your life.
Mike made it his job to know everything about every player in the NHL. Where the player grew up, what college or even high school they went too, where the player played juniors, their favorite food, what movies they liked to watch or their favorite TV shows. Doc took the sports casting game to a whole other level with his overwhelming knowledge of the players, teams, coaching staff all the way into the offices. From the first line superstars to the fourth line grinders, Doc knew it all, and never stopped learning more and more every year about each and every player. He would show up hours before games around the time the players arrive at the rink and watch their pre-game routines, rituals, even how they taped their stick, if they called each other names or not. He would ask players random questions and get to know them on a completely different level than just another player in the NHL. The sport of hockey is a very fast paced game and you always have to be watching and reading what may happen next, but there are stoppages in play and this is where Doc put his knowledge to use. Brendan Shanahan a long time NHL forward was playing his 1500th game in New Jersey and Doc had to ask him who he played with in his first NHL game because he already