The Dust Bowl: A Short Story

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Do you just hate it when you just want something but can't have it or see something you can not handle? I know I hate it, but sometimes when you can not handle it, you just go raging around and just want to do something like go somewhere else than there or throw things. The story I am reading is about a young boy named Corey, who could not take living living on the Dust Bowl. Once there was a young boy named Corey and lived in Arlington, Texas and would always get sick and tired of living there. The reason why he couldn’t take it was because of the Dust Bowl and how it took out everything in its path. “We should move!” said Corey. They all talked about it and promised that if it came and destroyed the house, they would pack up their bags and move to California. The next week or two the Black Blizzard came and took everything. Crops, houses, cars ,and even animals such as cows, horses, and goat. They all knew what to do at that point. They went and gone to California. Sur it was a long drive but it was worth it. All of the things they saw were so beautiful. The landscapes, the mountains, everything. They went on and moved to Fresno nut there was too much people so they decided to move to Bakersfield. …show more content…
His job was picking crops. They stayed in luxurious California for a year, they loved it. Everyone was happy, happy except for little Corey. He did not like living there because he was homesick then told his mom and dad about moving back. They told him “We will think about it but until then we still live here”. A week later, they said “Sure”. “YES!” They all packed up by the time his dad got his paycheck. Corey couldn’t wait to go back to Arlington. They went and rented a place in Dallas before coming back to Arlington. They were so happy and relieved that the Dust Storm came