Effects Of Internet In Education

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The Internet is a global computer network that connects organizations, schools, governments, business,… Appearance of the Internet have changed human life completely, connected to everybody throughout the world. Nowadays, thanks to development of technology, the Internet has become an important tool in education. It helps teachers and students communicate together, exchange and research information with a large amount of information, it also helps studying and teaching be much more efficient .
However, the Internet still has the disadvantages for students beside the advantages that it gives. Nobody can deny benefits of the Internet. It is as a powerful research engine allows students to access and discover a lot of information in the world. The information on the
Internet is diverse with many different sections, so students can explore their topic or assignment much more interesting. Collecting information from many resources, student learn how to mix many information resources into a material. From this, the Internet helps students develop their abilities and inspirations to study independently. Students can share the information that they get with their friends with great tools of the Internet, such as chat-rooms, social webs,… Students not only share their knowledge with their friends but also discuss subjects at school anytime, anywhere. The distance is not obstacle anymore. Moreover, students can even connect all students over the world by creating their own web; they can manage and share their knowledges for other students not only for their friends. This function of the Internet helps students share their experiences, knowledge in society, give advice and skill that help students study better. Therefore, students will improve their skills related to social communication, critical thinking and group work. Nowadays, the Internet plays an important role in registration and management in the university and college, students don't need to waste time to go to registration to sign up for their course, they just do that at home by accessing the Internet. Besides, they save time to buying books that are difficult to find in bookstore at school. Especially, it is easy for students to get and submit their assignments from teacher on the Internet. An important thing, students can relax on the Internet after long time to do homework by playing games or chatting with their friends.

However, using the Internet can make students addicted. They spend a lot of time to chatting, playing game online, accessing social sites instead of learning. It makes students have