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The Energy Systems
We need energy throughout our bodies for muscular contraction, growth and repair of the body. We get the energy for our bodies from carbohydrates, fats and protein within our food. Our bodies are able to store the energy in a number of ways for example in the liver, glans and muscles. The body can only use energy when it is in the form of ATP which is also short for Adenosine Triphosphate which is a chemical compound. Our muscles can only store a small amount of this energy so this means our bodies have to continuously keep making it. If our muscles use the energy faster than it is being produced we will get tired quite quick.
There are two energy systems used in during the process of respiration. Aerobic Respiration, meaning 'with oxygen' which is used for long-term, steady paced exercise and day-to-day activities and Anaerobic Respiration or 'without oxygen' which produces fast bursts of energy for short, powerful bursts. The Anaerobic system can be divided into two further systems, ATP-PC and Lactic acid. All energy systems work together, but the intensity and type of activity will determine which system is main.
There are 3 energy systems:
1. The Creatine Phosphate system
2. The Lactic Acid system
3. The Aerobic system
These systems work together to ensure our muscles are getting the right form of energy which indeed is ATP.
I am going to give a thorough description and insight on each one of these energy systems.
The Creatine Phosphate system
The CP system provides the body with immediate energy. Some energy stored in our muscles that mean that it is available to us instantly but it will not last long. The small stored amounts of ATP in our muscles provide energy for the body for just about 5-8 seconds of hard work. As our bodies supply of ATP energy runs out more ATP has to be created by the Creatine Phosphate to get more energy. The extra energy supplied from the Creatine Phosphate system will provide our bodies with an extra 20 seconds of hard work. Our Creatine Phosphate system is very important whenever the body needs a shot burst of explosive speed examples of where you may need this would be sprinters, jumpers, throwers and many team athletes will need to develop this system. After any burst of activity we will need to rest for several minutes to allow our bodies to refill their store of Creatine Phosphate.

Formula or CP System
ATP Energy for Contraction ADP + Phosphate
ADP + CP + Energy ATP + Creatine
ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate
ADP = Adenosine Diphosphate
The Lactic Acid System
The Lactic Acid system provides short term energy for the body. When we start to work hard for around 10 seconds we breathe deeply and quicker, this occurs because more oxygen is needed for our muscles. It takes quite a bit of time for this extra oxygen to get into our bloodstream and then directly to our working muscles. The bodies energy supplies of ATP and Creatine Phosphate will be used up and then we need to find another energy supply until the extra supplement of oxygen arrives, at this point of the Lactic acid system stage the body now uses glycogen to provide more ATP energy. We produce glycogen from the breakdown of carbohydrates. Our bodies store the glycogen in the muscles and also in our livers. The breakdown of glycogen provides the body with provides energy but lactic acid is also being produced in this process. A build-up of this lactic acid makes muscular contractions pointful and causes tiredness to the body. We cannot use the lactic acid system for very long its just not capable for use of very long.
ATP Energy for Contraction ADP
ADP + Glycogen ATP + Pyruvic Acid

Insufficient Oxygen

Lactic Acid
Oxygen Debt
If our bodies use the Creatine Phosphate system or lactic system then we are creating an oxygen deficit in our bodies. In other words we need