The Gaza Strip Conflict: Understanding All Sides

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Gaza Strip Conflict: Understanding All Sides

Fernanda Baeza

LDS Business College

GAZA STRIP CONFLICT: UNDERSTANDING ALL SIDES 2 A recent topic in world current events has been the source of many heated debates and has pinned two groups against each other that already have a long history of conflict. This recent event is the Israeli bombings and attacks in the Gaza strip. The groups that are directly involved in most of the debates are the Israelis and Palestinians. Because the lives and safety of people were at stake it is easy to understand why both sides are so vocal and passionate about support for their side of the conflict and argument. Even those not directly involved in the warfare, such as Palestinians and Israeli communities in the United States and across the globe, were vocal in their support for their perspective sides of the Israeli-Gaza conflict. In order to understand the arguments posed by both parties it is important to understand the objective facts about what has already happened. In 2005 the Hamas political party took gubernatorial power in Gaza after it split from recognized Palestine. Hamas is identified as a terrorist organization by many countries including the United States and European Union. Shortly after Israel began a blockade surrounding Gaza’s borders, airspace, and waterways in an attempt to weaken Hamas. Hamas in return made attacks on Israel by launching rockets into Israel. These are beginning events of what has been almost a decade-long bloody and very complicated conflict between the two countries. There was an attempted cease-fire in 2008 that lasted for a short while but ultimately ended and the conflict has continued ever since. More recently, this year in the month of July in response to rocket attacks on Israel by Gaza, Israel began “Operation Protective Edge.” Israeli troops entered Gaza and also launched many rocket attacks on Gaza and 2100 Palestinians were killed. During the conflict the overall opinion from the American media was that this response from Israel to the attacks from Gaza were overkill and inhumane because many innocent civilians were being killed. There were stories of attacks on hospitals, schools, and residential areas with many casualties of men, women, and children. CNN Reports “United Nations schools in Gaza -- with clear U.N. markings -- have been turned into shelters during the conflict, and for a while they were considered safe. But strikes have recently hit several of those locations, killing and injuring many, including women and children. The deaths of innocent people are always a horrible and sad thing, as is any time of war. Despite the tragedies that were happening in Gaza it is important to keep in mind the motives behind Israel’s militant actions. As we look at the Judaic history we can see that it is full of persecution and tragedy. Most recent events include the Holocaust and the current