"The God Touch" Analysis Essay

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The God Touch Essay

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt wrote The God Touch to share with others how to have the touch of God on their marriage, personal relationships, career, investments, and more. He tells the reader, “I want to help you discover a place where you can walk and talk with God—and count on Him to be your source.” Among other thing, he reveals the secrets of forming a productive life, ridding your life of toxic people, and what the Bible says about debt, saving and investing. Altogether, The God Touch challenges readers to “enter into an eternal covenant with the Almighty for a rewarding, productive life.” The God Touch is formed into twenty-one chapters with two main parts: “Walking in Financial Covenant with God Most High” and “The God Touch.” This essay features certain topics among the chapters which have personally caught my attention. Subchapters of the book predominately cover the broad majority of topics within each chapter. Due to length guidelines, limited portions of topics will thoroughly get explored. Nonetheless, these selections will show the power of partnership in faith, family, and finances with God. The first selections come early on when Dr. Lingerfelt explains how Abraham detached from his old ways and connection in order to walk in financial covenant with God Most High and that the Lord was basically saying, “Come, follow and walk in covenant with Me.” He adds that Abraham learned to walk with God before a written account of the Almighty even existed, and even yet, believers today still struggle with concept when they have 66 books of the Bible readily available to meditate and study. On a side note, Dr. Lingerfelt admits he didn’t actually understand all the principles he found in the Word of God when he wrote a study course called Spiritual Authority, but he applied them because they were found in Scripture. He follows with the statement, “…many are waiting to understand the Bible before they will act on it.” He argues we may not understand the principles behind centrifugal force every time we turn on a blender, but we rely on it just like gravity in our daily lives. In a following chapter, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt depicts the reasons behind tithing and how we acknowledge God as our source. He continues on explaining that a farmer works doing all of the sweat jobs, but God ultimately gives the farmer the ability produce. “To be productive is the norm—and is the Will of God.” Lingerfelt says. He believes God has programmed his entire creation to produce. This an everlasting sign of man’s unique connection with the Father and things He has set forth into motion. The God Touch shifts into wisdom concerning the action you take with your money. Dr. Lingerfelt tells about needing to have discernment before conducting business—even if you met the person at church. They could have hidden motives such as looking for a spouse or finding their next victim to scam. This means that just because they have the word “Christian” in their business name, it doesn’t mean they always will conduct themselves accordingly. He desires that you ask the Lord to give you the spirit of discernment. As the demeanor changes, he moves into sharing a story about trials God tested his faith with finance. While preaching in Mombasa, Kenya, the Lord spoke to Dr. Lingerfelt about helping missionary Bud Sickler fulfill his dreams of a new church facility. This man had such an immovable faith that he brought the building plans wherever he stayed. Through faith, God moved through Dr. Lingerfelt’s congregation and raised the entire $500,000 needed to fund the building’s roof in only sixteen months. After receiving a call from Bud Sickler, God further tested Dr.