The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The Great Gatsby

Chapter One

Nick Caraway- Narrator of the book

Page 7
- Use of the pronoun my in the second word- signals to the reader that it is in the first person
- Father is a strong influence, role model
- “ I’m inclined to reserve all judgments…” (Nick actually turns out to be a very judgmental figure of others)
- “Privy to the secrets of wild unknown men” (Means to have insightful knowledge regarding their secrets) reminds the reader that we have the life that we choose to reveal to other people, but we also have an inner person as well. As nick is a good listener, he is able to find out information about other people. Also reminds us that people carry secrets but also secret griefs (their experiences). Suggests possibilities about what these men are capable of (i.e Gatsby has wild parties but not everyone is able to see behind his façade) The contrast between appearance and reality.
- “I’m still.. – About moral code that defines us as people- hypocritical because we are all judgmental of people.

Page 8
- “When I came back from the east last autumn…”
Daisy and Nick live in Long Island, New York (Coast)- bearings in terms of setting
^ Nick is reflecting on his time spent with Gatsby and his experiences
- Nick is concerned with the morality that he has encountered in the east, he wants everyone to be the same, in “uniform”.
- Nick singles out Gatsby “Only Gatsby, the man who…”
- Nick calls Gatsby “gorgeous” (enigmatic appeal