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2. Describe one marriage in the novel. What is the source of the conflict? What does it reveal about the values of society in the 1920’s? Use specific evidence from the novel to support your answer.
The bond that consolidates Myrtle and George Wilson’s relationship is not interlocked with the same affection for one another. For Myrtle, marrying George was a mistake since he can’t provide her with lavish needs. She knows that Wilson is below her social status, and yet decides to marry him because of her childish decisions, which are part of her insecurities and her urge to cuddle with somebody. Tom Buchanan is Myrtle’s connection to obtain the possessions and status she wants, so she has an affair with him even though Tom is violent towards her and manages to break her nose. (pg. 37) George, however, does love Myrtle but does not trust her. At the end, Wilson is devastated when her wife dies and goes after Gatsby for revenge. (pg. 161) Myrtle’s infidelity with George and hunger for material possessions is in accord with the decaying morals and manners that the consumer culture of the 1920s brought upon society.

Gatsby prejudice was that he was always seemed calm and positive during the book until he ran into daisy and in chapter 8 lost his control in an argument with tom, over who daisy loved more. When they were both being selfish and not asking who daisy actually liked, but Daisy herself was