The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby “The Great Gatsby” was a very confusing book to me from start to finish; it also started off very slow. Don’t get me wrong it was a good book. I liked the way the author used the time period that he was living through and how he incorporated it in the story. It kind of reminded of Ray Bradbury in a sense; but besides that this book made me actually have to think of what the author was trying to say. I think one of the things that he was trying to say was that even your true love can end up killing and hurting you in the end. Think about it, in the story Gatsby was trying so hard to impress and get approval from Daisy that he went as far as to dedicate his life to getting rich after he came back from the war no matter what the cost. He also threw parties and invited anybody and everybody hoping that she would eventually come to one of them so they could rekindle their love. He also made sure his mansion was right by hers as well. Finally after him doing all of that, they finally saw each other again and fell back in “love”. Even though Daisy was already married to Tom (and still loved him) she still sat there and told Gatsby that she loved him and wanted to be with him and not Tom. She flirted, kissed and spent a lot of time with Gatsby which lead him to believe that they were going to get together. But the complete opposite happened, when Tom, Gatsby and Daisy got into that big fight Daisy did not have Gatsby back at all really. And what’s worst is she didn’t even let anyone know that she was the one that she was the one that ran over Mrs. Wilson, not Gatsby. By her not telling anyone, not even Tom who was her husband that she was that hit Mrs. Wilson, Tom ended up telling Mr. Wilson it was Gatsby who killed his wife which ended with Gatsby getting murdered. To make things even worst Daisy NEVER even came to see Gatsby after he got shot or even come to his funeral for that matter. This man spent his life doing everything he can to please this woman,