The History Of The Sons Of Independence

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Late at night, and a troop of 150 Boston men, also known as the Sons of Liberty, dressed up as the Mohawks, a Native American tribe, and marched down to the docks. Armed with knives, tomahawks, and clubs, they boarded the ship Dartmouth and destroyed nothing but chests of tea and dumped it all into the Boston Harbor. After this incident, Parliament passed laws to punish the colonies. To sum up, Boston Harbor was closed, local government in Massachusetts was suspended, and trails would no longer be held in America, but rather in England.
The Tea Act
By 1773 England had all but given up its attempts to tax the colonists. They had repealed the Stamp Act and the Townshend duties, all but one. They kept to tax on tea to show dominance over the colonies. The colonists, though, did not falter. To avoid the heavy taxes, they did not drink tea imported from England. They drank smuggled tea. This, however, left the East India Company in major trouble. To keep them from bankruptcy, Parliament passed the Tea Act in 1773.
Colonial Opposition
The Tea Act united merchant and middlemen opposed to the monopoly granted the East India Company with patriots who objected to the principle of paying any tax imposed by England. They came down to a series of resolutions. In short, they wish to say that their rights, liberties, and freedom were taken away.
The Boston Tea Party
Taken directly from the Massachusetts Gazette, “Within three hours they broke up 342 chests, and emptied their