The Hunger Games and Peeta Essay

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Brcen drenon

In the book Catching Fire by Suzanna Collins in the great city Panem there is a main capitol. This capitol is run by one man, President Snow. Once long ago though the city rebelled against the capitol and to show the true power of the capitol president Snow split up the city into 13 districts. District 13 thought they could rebel again only to be destroyed by bombs. Filled with poverty these 12 districts struggle to survive and every year there’s a game to show that the Capitol will always be in control. The Hunger Games a horrible blood fest of two tributes from each district, where they battle to the death to receive small fortune for themselves and their district. In district twelve, the coal mining district there’s a girl named Katniss Everdeen. She volunteered to be in the games when her little sister prim was chosen. She and another tribute, Peeta Mellark entered the games unlikely to win. With their former champion, mentor Haymitch has to guide them to their victory. There is a long battle but at the end its Katniss and Peeta are the last ones to decide who wins the games, but in a uncertain act of defiance against the capitol they threaten to kill each other so they can save eachother. They both live happily for now. The president becomes secretly enraged and threatens to kill Katniss if she doesn’t show the world that the act of defiance was only an act of uncontrollable love. Katniss is now forced to marry Peeta to save the lives of not only herself but her true secret love gale. When it’s time for the Hunger Games again its special time because it’s the quarter quell, the