The Importance Of A Social Norm

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The norm i will be violating is dressing up like the opposite sex and going to all my classes. At first, i was really skeptical about breaking this social norm because i am not one to publicly embarrass myself because I take pride in my appearance. For my social norm, I made my hair look like a mohawk, I put fake piercings on my lips, nose and eyes, I didn't wear any makeup, i wore baggy shorts with a T-shirt, oversized shoes, fake tattoos on my face and entire body.
For me to do this, It took a lot of effort from me because I don't usually do things that make people talk about me. Before I left my dorm I was very nervous because I kept thinking of what my friends, boyfriend, people and family would say about me if they saw how i was dressed. When I got to my first class, I was looking to see if i saw any familiar face and thankfully i didn't. I think the reason I felt so nervous was because of how i was raised. I was thought that a woman should act, walk, talk and eat certain way and dressing like the opposite sex was going against how i was raised/ what i believe in.
As for the way people were looking at me it made me feel a little self-conscious and weird. People were laughing and pointing but the looks people gave me almost made me cry. People were looking at me the way you look at someone who
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Being African, we have cultures that shape the way people act. Dressing up like a guy was very different for me because being African made me act a certain way. I noticed that people tend to accept you more when you aren't different, people tend to treat you better and nicer because you're dress, talk, laugh, smile, eat, walk and sleep like everyone else. But through this assignment I learned something…. “some people really take social norms to an extreme extent to where they do not actually think about it but when someone does it they want to get away from that