The Importance Of Accountability In The Army

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The Army wants soldiers that are accountable for their equipment. Accountability

has many definitions one can be defined as having responsible of or being responsible

for something. In my case it was my IOTV and ACH. It is also imperative to have good

accountability of ever weapons and sensitive items that you have. Without having

accountability there is no way of protecting those items and equipment given to you.

The Army has many sensitive items and equipment that they deal with on a day to day

basis and any one of them falling into the hands of the wrong person can haneder a unit

or destroy a mission. Also without having proper accountability, there is possible way of

knowing of or in what shape your equipment is in.

Every service member has has a duty to maintain their arms, equipment and
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If a soldier doesn't , they could be taken out of the fight, allowing himself and the

other soldiers to be in danger. By not being accounted for what I have lets my unit down

and fails the missions that needed to be completed. By not having good accountability

of my equipment and items I failed in living up to the Army values. Once you've

neglected one army value then you might have well as neglected them all of the army


There are many important reasons to be checking your equipment constantly to

keep proper issued item accountability. One is that your equipment could be stole. Two

is that there maybe a possibly that you picked up someone else's equipment. Three