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The Importance of College A human being progresses to the next stage when graduating from high school and begins college. Attending college can be a vital stage in a human beings life, even though some people argue otherwise. Without college we would be people who have skills and talents but never develop them to something that can be beneficial to not only ourselves, but the community as well. College is a place for development, making connections and even a branch of family and cultural tradition; a case that I will be explaining furthermore in my essay. Skipping this stage in life would be skipping a globally given opportunity to progress and develop into something bigger. In our modern world, a college degree automatically enhances opportunities of obtaining well paid jobs and careers. It also grants a person respect from others in the surrounding community and globally. Attending college is an essential stage, where growth and development unite to make us better individuals. Without it we are voiceless. Therefore, I believe that everyone should attend college to be successful. Opponents think otherwise. They believe that attending college isn’t necessary to be successful and have a well-paid job. “Demand for degrees grows in many fields that haven’t even required them” is an article that I read online. The title of the article says it all. In this article, the author explains how work fields require a credential in so many jobs in todays and more in tomorrows. Employers are requiring degrees for many jobs that never and don’t require one, simply because they can. Employers are trying to replace workers who do not have bachelor’s degrees with employees who do. Why is this happening? Employers believe that college graduates are more reliable because attending college is a commitment that is similar to having a job. Although, some people have skills without attending college, but college graduates develop these skills and have more to offer. They are most likely to be more experienced, knowledgeable and disciplined. Moreover, they have better communication, leadership, teamwork, and multitasking skills. These are often skills that are developed in college and are offered for employers to help you get a job. My father once told me “It’s all about who you know”. Therefore, college is a good place to make connections. Knowing other students in college can be a good opportunity to excel in the future. Networking and meeting people in different areas of proficiency can help you out when you need information on something, a contact person to reach, or maybe a job in the future. College is full of countless opportunities for networking, but it is up to the student to use these opportunities. Whichever school you attend, there will be clubs and organizations that you can join to find people with similar interests who could become your professional contacts, mentors, brilliant employees, and business partners in the future. Of course, we all want to be successful. We want our children, grandchildren, and our whole family to be educated. If the parents are educated, their children would look up to them and want to be like them. They would be more serious about education and being successful in life. Having educated parents would always influence the children and show them the importance and value of a college degree. Attending college can be a family tradition. If a member of the family is educated and successful, they would all want to be the same as him/her. As a child, I remember going to my father’s furniture factory and watch how he and his employees work together to make furniture for hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants etc. The majority of the hotels in Jordan are done by my dad. Now, my dad has opened another furniture factory in Saudi Arabia. My dad has inspired me to attend college and major in interior design to walk the same path that he did. He has showed me that being successful requires hard work and