The Importance Of Learning In College

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After a few years learning in college, I have become aware of three steps of doing assignments that help me to understand better.
There are 3 steps that I follow to do my assignments. Firs one is having schedule to read the books, second one is having concentration during reading and third one is making notes of important parts.
Having schedule to read the books
Before I start to read, I divide the assignment to a few parts. The best way to make them apart is separating with topics based on how long they are and how difficult is the text. For example sometimes we have two topics in one page and sometimes we don’t have any in 3 pages, if the assignment is about 50 pages, I would divide it to 4 parts and have almost 12 pages for each part. If there are so many difficult words included, I would have 6 parts or more and I spend a few hours of a day for each part, for instance if I have 4 parts to do ,I do the assignment in 4 days and if I have 6 parts, I do it in 6 days.
One of the worst ways to read the book is start reading the book at the last day or a day before class. When people want to start reading at the last day, they almost don’t remember anything from the last class. They have enough time so they have to escape some areas .they don’t even feel comfortable when they read and they are going to have too much stress, so Last day is just to review the important points and there is no time to learn something new.

I try to avoid having the