The Interpretation of dreams Essay

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We all dream, and we all want to know what’s the meaning that behind our dreams. And maybe we have noticed some explanations, such as if you dream of a snake, it means that you are going to be lucky. But it’s too tough, and it can’t foretell the future. I mean, a real explanation is far more difficult and complicated. And that is what Freud called, the interpretation of dreams. To interpret a dream, we need to know why we dream. According to Freud, all the dreams are the fulfillment of wish. Or you can say that “I think, therefore I dream.” But most of the time, we can’t find our wishes easily in the dream, and we may even find that what we dream is just what we don’t wish. This is another pattern of the dream, which is called Distortion. As we know, our wishes are not always accepted by ourselves, such as greed, jealous and sex. So when we are asleep, these wished are changed into metaphors. They can be an image, an action, or an object. After then, they mix up and become a dream, and our wishes are fulfilled. So the interpretation of dreams suggests us to analyze these metaphors, seeking their potential connection, considering the daily life of the dreamer, and finally conclude a convincing interpretation. But as we can see, there’re so many uncertain factors. For example, we don’t know whether the meaning of each metaphor is right or wrong, and the interpretation can differ from different readers of the dream. They’re all true. And that’s why we should regard our