The Japanese Culture Essay

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The Japanese culture is very attention-grabbing as they are known for their exciting cities and technological advances. It is believed that the Japanese come from a subgroup of Mongoloid peoples who inhabited most of Asia and the New World (Norbury, 2008). The geographic location of Japan is the north-eastern Asian islands. The four major islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, along with many smaller ones (Bramble, 2004). The language spoken in Japan is Japanese. Throughout the early history of the Japanese there is an abundance of civil wars with rival groups. However when the Edo period came about there was a long period of peace for over two hundred and fifty years. This period witnessed a lot of affluence and advancements in the arts, and literature (Norbury, 2008). Years later, in 1551 when the Spanish Jesuit missionary came over to spread Christianity, the political leaders thought that Christianity was damaging to Japan. In reaction to this, the warlord had the European priest and the native Christian followers executed, and proceeded to ban Christianity (Norbury, 2008). Afterwards, from 1853- 1854 Japan went into isolation, where The US Navy demanded that the Japanese sign a treaty for trade and were threatened to do so and the Japanese did sign the treaty (Norbury, 2008). In 1941, Japan went into World War II , and were defeated in 1945 to the Allied Powers. In 1951, Japan was administered into the US Occupation Forces where they signed a constitution that would make sure they would not go into war again, and optimally gave the Emperor less power (Norbury, 2008). In the coming years, the Japanese began to become industrially strong due to their new technology, and investments. By the 1990s, Japans economy was heavily impacting the economies of the United States and Southeast Asia and caused an implosion due to the investment industries, high levels of corruption in the insurance, and organized crime (Norbury, 2008). The Japans history was filled with lot events that have impacted their culture as a whole and have shaped them to be the country that they are now. Currently the population of Japan is over 128 million people making it the 36th most densely placed on the planet.
A few aspects of this culture that are going to be closely examined are gender,leisure, politics, and religion. Firstly the gender roles in Japan are to be discussed. The men in Japan are dominated by their occupation. They work most of week, Monday-Saturday, possibly even Sundays. If they have work schedules like this it is really hard for them to spend time with their children, and be involved in the lives of his family. Even if a child has a graduation, the father will receive a lot of disapproval for asking to have off for that occasion, so may not even go to such a milestone in a child’s life (Bramble, 2004). The Sunday where they