The Juvenile Justice Process Essays

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The Juvenile Justice Process: A Breakdown of the System
Dana R Kirkland
Strayer University

Although based on the adult criminal justice system, the juvenile justice process works differently. Juveniles can end up in court by way of arrest, truancy or for curfew violations or running away. A youth may also be referred to the juvenile court system by school officials or a parent or guardian for being continuously disobedient. The juvenile justice process involves several different steps including intake, detention, adjudication, disposition and aftercare following release from a juvenile correctional facility. In this paper we will breakdown the numerous steps involved in the juvenile justice process as well as compared some
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If the juvenile was held in detention pending a formal hearing it at this time a detention hearing will be held. The detention hearing generally happens the day after the petition was filed by the prosecutor. It is here where a judge will decide whether the current detention of the juvenile is justified and whether continued detention is warranted. The judge will decide one of two outcomes; release the juvenile, sometimes under the consideration of home supervision or to detain the juvenile for a rehearing. If the juvenile is indeed detained he/she is subjected to a jurisdictional hearing. The jurisdictional hearing is a where the judge will decide if the allegations in the petition are true. A jury is not used in juvenile court. The judge will read off the allegations and ask the juvenile if the charges are true or false. It is here where the minor can decide to deny the charges or enter a plea. If the judge decides that the petition is true it is at that time a hearing date is set. The next step in the process is a disposition hearing. During the disposition hearing several factors are weighed; whether the judge feels the findings are true to the dismissal of the petition (findings are deem untrue by the judge). If the judge does agree with the petition and its findings after the hearing he will then decide what to do with the juvenile. The judge will either place the juvenile on a 6 month informal probation with the