The Kite Runner Character Analysis Essay

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Kite Runner Analysis
Amir is the storyteller and the main character of the story. Right from the start of the story, the reader learns that Amir is a very clever and imaginative young boy. We also learn that he is insecure mainly because his father's disinterest in him. Amir was also a very envious child. "I already hated all the kids he (Baba) was building an orphanage for; sometimes I wished they'd all died along with their parents". As the story proceeds, the reader learns that Amir is a coward. We also learn that he is selfish, disloyal and passive as he did not act while Hassan was getting raped. However Amir does evolve. In the end, he becomes courageous, unselfish and generous. He faces his fears by going back to Kabul. He redeems himself by saving Sohrab and he proves his loyalty to Hassan.
Unlike Amir, Hassan is a static character throughout the whole novel. In the beginning of the novel, we learn that he is kind and that he defended Amir constantly. " "Yes father" Hassan would mumble looking down at his feet. But he never told on me". Hassan did not go to school like Amir. Nevertheless, he is still very bright and clever. " "Well" he said, "if I may ask, why did the man kill his wife? In
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I admire the fact that the story is being told by a man who is full of regret. In today's society, many people can relate to that. This allows the reader to form an intimate connection with Amir. I also appreciated the way Khaled integrated surprising events throughout the plot. Those surprising events kept me emotionally involved to the book. For instance, Hassan's rape, Amir finding out Hassan is his half brother, Baba developing cancer, etc. All these events took me by storm. I was upset when I found out that Hassan was killed. At that point, it seemed like Amir no longer had a chance at redemption and reconciliation. Amir quickly gets another chance at redemption when he finds out Hassan had a son who needs to be