The Korean War Essay

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Uniqua Williams
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March 28, 2014
2nd Period
The Korean War was an inclusion of various nations such as the United States as well as the Soviet Union that transpired on June 25th, 1950; each nation attempting to become world dominators of their competing ideologies. The Soviet Union desired a communist based government, whereas the United States pushed to further its spread of anti-communism and democratic ideas. Both North and South Korea were caught in crossfire of these two raging nations as they divided Korea’s territory across the 38th parallel into two separate divisions following the end of World War two. The Korean War should be considered an international war due to the notion that Korea was occupied by two different nations other than itself, and these two nations were feuding over the occupation of Korean lands. As North and South Korea battled against themselves, the United States felt the urge to intervene in their personal war, thus altering what started out as a Civil War into a universal fight. Considering these truths and the drive the United States had in furthering its anti-communist policies, it is viable to disclose that this was not just about the feuds between one single nation, but it was a part of something much bigger than itself, each nation seeking to gain its own individual results from this notorious war.
The arbitrary division between both North and South Korea had been constructed by the Soviet and American forces; the “Soviet forces occupied Korea north of the 38th parallel and American forces remained south of it” (Belkin 698), creating an existence of two standing Koreas. With these two nations occupying its territory the Korean War was no longer a quarrel between just North and South Korea, but it then comprised of the United States and the Soviet Union as well. While North and South Korea fought over subjective matters and heated disputes, the United States and the Soviet Union were attempting to resolve problems of their own. Both nations practiced different political policies in each side of Korea, “in the south was an American supported republic of Korea” and in the North was a “communist backed democratic people republic” (Belkin 698) both nations attempting to spread their communist or anti-communist stances throughout the Korean nation in order to become powerful supremacies.
After the Soviet Union and the United States had seized their chosen side of Korea, it became the arousal of a new conflict concerning Korea’s rightful owner. Both conquering nations “claimed to be Korea’s rightful government.” (Belkin 698) With the two nations feuding over the specifics of the territory, this hostility along with Koreas own tension created a broader situation which sparked an even greater fire between all four of these nations. This fact becomes proof that this war was not just about Korean tensions. As The Soviet Union and the United States continued to fight, their arguments turned into physical action as they “launched raids across the border,” (Belkin 698) involving themselves in a fight that in the beginning did not include them. The United States and the Soviet Union’s conflict over government status, and the struggle for North Korea and South Korea to get along became a result of the disreputable Cold War in which multiple nations were involved.
An international war includes parts of different states or countries fighting for common or uncommon purposes. Essentially the Korean War had begun as a Civil War between two disputing sides of Korea after North Korea had ambushed the south; but as South