Korean War Research Paper

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Korean War
Corine Powell
April 27, 2014
Kathleen Stillio
Korean War
The departure of American and Soviet troops from Korea in 1949: In 1948 the Soviets sent troops home from Korea. Americans waited because they were afraid of a Pro-communist takeover.
North Korea attacks June 14, 1950: On June 24th North Korea invaded South Korea. This was done with minimal warning and the country and it's defenders were not prepared.
Truman's response to the Korean invasion June 25-30, 1950: Truman initially could do little in response to MacArthur committing troops to fight North Korea. So, he insisted North Korea had illegal aggression and got the U.N. to pass a motion that U.N. forces would also fight. The decision to invade North Korea: Truman was anti-communist and in fear of communist takeover, he made the decision to go in. He stated that if they did not stand up to communist bullies there would be no way to know what they would do.
China joining the Korean War: China felt threatened when U.N. forces pushed North Korean troops to the Yalu River. China responded by sending troops to push the U.N. forces farther south.
Truman's refusal to allow direct conflict with China: When MacArthur, a catalyst general who seemed to cause a lot of problems during this war, requested permission to bomb china, Truman declined. This argument went public and Truman stated that his intention was to stump the war and not to spread it and that direct conflict with China would be counterproductive.