The Life of Adherence in Islam Essay

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The practices and beliefs of an adherent of Allah, depict their submission to Allah as well as their belief in the oneness of Allah. It is through this that an individual may achieve Akhira (paradise) once they have lived a life full of good deeds. The significance of beliefs and practices to an adherent are shown through the pilgrimage of Hajj, sexual ethics of Islam and the preaching and teachings of Sayyid Qutb. These outline the significance of beliefs and practices on the life of an adherent.

Throughout the life of an adherent, everything they do, they have to do for Allah in order to display Tawhid and to achieve Akhira. The Hajj is an example where practices and beliefs are shown, and also, circumambulating the Ka’ba is one of the most significant aspects when an individual is on this once in a lifetime journey. The Hajj displays true worship, because not all people are able enough to embark on this journey. When adherents are on this pilgrimage they are told that they should clear their thoughts and think of Allah, “Perform this pilgrimage, and your visit for Allah.” This quote shows that each individual attending this pilgrimage have already displayed their submission to Allah. Thus, this shows that practices and beliefs are of great significance to an adherent in order for them to achieve Akhira.

Sexual ethics in Islam displays their belief in Tawhid, and it is through their practices which depicts their submission to the will and glory of Allah. Homosexuality is considered to be a sin due to the fact that Allahs bumber