The Man Behind The Curtain Essay

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The Man Behind The Curtain By Benjamin Adams

William Shakespeare, the man who came up with the most complex characters, who wrote the best plays of his century, the man behind the curtain. William Shakespeare was born at Stratford-upon-Avon on April 1564. He began his schooling at the Free School of Stratford in 1571. In 1577 he had to leave school and become a butchers apprentice. A few years later he married the love of his life, Anne Hathaway. In 1583 he had his first child her name was Susanna. In 1585 he had twins, their names were Hamnet and Judith. That same year Shakespeare was convicted of poaching deer and had to move out of Stratford, England. Once he moved he started working in a theatre company called Lord Chamberlains Men. In 1596 his son Hamnet died. Shakespeare’s acting company started performing in the Globe Theater. Some of his most famous writings were written in this time. One of them was Henry V. Henry V was Shakespeare’s last effort in the field of history, and in it Shakespeare portrays the ideal English king. Word-play and a highly lyrical character combine to give Romeo and Juliet an early date among Shakespeare’s plays. It has been customary to give 1592 as the date of a first version, and 1597 as that of a revision. A Midsummer Night’s Dream hold together three plots: (1) the complicated loves of two men and two women, (2) the quarrel and the reconciliation of the king and queen of