Essay about The Man Who Was Almost a Man

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Morgan Reams
Dr. Truman
English 1020
17 February 2013

A Father: Past vs. Present In the short story “A Father”, by Bharati Mukherjee, his beliefs impact his life and the others around him. Mr. Bhowmick, that main character in the story is a father, husband, and a religious man. He is an Indian man who practices Hinduism, worshiping Kali, the goddess of wrath and vengeance. His religion conflicts with his everyday family life, being an Indian family in Detroit, Michigan, they have to somewhat conform to American customs. Although not intentionally, their background, religion, and environment ultimately destroy their family.
Indian culture is completely different than American. They are more strict that than us westerners. In India having children out of wedlock is not acceptable. When Mr. Bhowmick believes that his daughter is pregnant, he is excited at first, thinking his daughters mate could be a white man of a higher social class meaning more money for the family. However, as he finds out that she was artificially inseminated he becomes furious. Another part of Indian culture is staying in your social class. Being in India there are not many chances to expand ones financial stability. Once he thought about the possibility of coming into more money and increasing his financial status that made the situation more acceptable as well. Mr. Bhowmick also states that Babli, his daughter, is not the daughter he would choose to be his heir. Babli was smart, and more Americanized than the other Bengalis in Detroit. This made her different, which in turn made things harder for the Bhowmick family in the long run.
Another reason their family is torn apart is Mr. Bhowmicks religion. He is a Hindu man who prays to the goddess Kali, though his family does not. Babli wants to be a more modern Americanized family but, her fathers religious beliefs interfere with that. He is extremely superstitious and does not even leave to go to work if something goes wrong. His wife also believed that his religion was interfering with his life, stating that his prayer were so long that he would not make it to work on time. Since no one else in the family follow Mr. Bhowmicks same religious beliefs, this tears them apart for the simple reason of not being on the same level belief wise.
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