Essay about The Men In The Handmaid S Tale

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Julius Brown
Mrs. Seibert
AP Literature & Comp.
6 April 2015
“The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood is told by a Narrator whose name is never told. She is in what is called the Women’s Center. She has a job as a Handmaid where she works for the married Commander, the women who had the job before had committed suicide. Before all of this happened and she went to the center she was married to a man named Luke. She had a best friend named Moira and her are feminists. Something happens where she loses her money and job and that is when she basically loses control of her life. Her and Luke gets caught trying to run away, and she is poisoned and wakes up in the center clueless to Luke’s location. The women aren’t considered women at the center. They serve as sex slaves to make kids and if they try to run away or resist they are beaten. The men in this story serve as a mysterious plot filler.
In the story, it is obvious The Commander, who is the head of the house where she lives is noticeably miserable. He is part of the reason everything changed and partly made the
“center”. Although he can seem heartless he is much nicer than the rest of the people are to
Offred. It seems Offred, even though she serves as his sex slave basically, still feels bad for him.
He begins to meet with
on his own to satisfy his needs for a companion regardless of how it could get
in a huge amount of trouble. The men in the story treat the women like animals, and its places like the club and the center that show that. A place where men can go simply to have sex is as inhumane as it gets. Nick, who also works for the commander, but obviously not for the same…