The Monk and The Parson Essay

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Iacopelli 1

My Hero

English IV

Many ask what a hero is, a hero is someone who puts others' lives over their own. Don Ferguson, is a true hero. Serving in two wars, Don has saved countless lives, that makes him a hero in most eyes. However, even though he has since retired, he continues to do good and takes care of everyone. A true hero has to be selfless, caring, and most of all brave. Known to me as Uncle, Don has raised two daughters as a single parent, served in “Operation Desert Storm “ and “Iraqi freedom”, and still continues to provide for his entire family. Growing up in Michigan, he learned at a very young age to always give back to those who gave you. Mr. ferguson lost everything in Michigan, he moved into the Iacopelli household, which was then located in Bartlett, Tennessee. This is where he showed his heroism, picking up his nephew from school, buying dinner, and taking care of his mother. What makes him such a hero, is how he got his life back on track after having a rough start. He was always into trouble during his youth, breaking curfew, sneaking out, and joy riding. Since then he has corrected his path and has a well paying job. He continues to support his children, even though they remained in Michigan, buys his mother what she wants, and takes his family on vacation. He claims it to be the Air Force's doing that made him straighten up so much, he still
Iacopelli 2 practices old habits from the military. He is also self-sufficient, maintaining a garden, and producing his own tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. Don has two degrees, one being a master's, in business. His older daughter graduated from college this past year, and his youngest is entering her sophomore year of high school. Include entrepreneur to the list of why Mr. Ferguson is a hero, as