Essay about The Most Dangerous Game and Whitney

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In his library the General read, to soothe himself, from the works of Marcus Aurelius. At ten he went up to his bedroom. He was deliciously tired, he said to himself, as he locked himself in. There was little moonlight, so there would not be strong waves at the shore. His quarry would most likely survive for another day of amusement. This thought calmed him, and he fell asleep, thinking of possible strategies for the next round of game.

The water was deadly cold as Rainsford plunged, desperately, into the sea. He hid himself from the Cossack's view behind the many rocks strewn near the shore. "At least the dogs wouldn't be able to reach me here," he said quietly to himself through chattering teeth. The General seemed to realize that too, for he lit a cigarette and hummed to himself as he sat down on the sandy beach.

Rainsford waited behind his rock for what seemed like an infinite amount of time. If the General didn't retire soon, he would probably die of the cold, chilling his bones. Luckily, the general did, a few minutes later. And his hounds went with him.

Numbly, Rainsford swam to shore. He wondered what he would do now. Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes startled him. He said, quite loudly, "Who's there?" He crept slowly towards the sound, his hunting knife drawn.

"It's me, Whitney!" called a voice. Rainsford immediately drew back his knife. "Whitney! Is that really you?" he called back. Whitney immerged form his hiding place. "It's really you! Oh, how glad am I to see you!" Rainsford gave him a very manly hug.

"Finally, I have found you!" Whitney told him, "I heard your scream just as I was opening the door to my chamber. I rushed out and saw you fall into the sea. I took a safety boat, loaded up with supplies, and tried to find you. How happy am I that I did!"

"Whitney, my good man," said Rainsford, "You are on a deadly place, let me tell…