Mystical Machine Essay

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The Mystical Machine

Electricity! Power! Steel! Circuits! Code! All are things that separated would be just a list of well, things, but if put together create a technological advancement that the majority of society practically knows nothing about. If asked what these five things these five things made together most people would be confused until given a hint that we use it, in some way, shape or form, every day. Most people instantly say “the computer”.
Yes the computer, created in the 1950’s once only fit a well-constructed room and now fits in the palm of our hands. This technological advancement is one that changed the world, even being compared to the wheel or concrete, but how many people really know what going on inside this glorious machine? Shouldn’t everyone know what they are using? Shouldn’t everyone know how an item that they use everyday works? This is what this is here for, to explain, in first hand detail, the workings of machine that mystifies most and baffle others with its intricate workings. What is that something you may ask? Well I will start with its outer casing, then go deeply into the hardware which correspondently brings in the topic of software, which brings up the programing of the system, and finally, the most important part, the language of the computer, The public (non-engineering) knowledge of computers varied with age most people under the age of eighteen had a basic knowledge of the computer, they knew that the monitor wasn’t a computer but just a screen and that if you press buttons that the computer worked. Then when I asked a range of people from the ages of eighteen to fifty they answered with a more sophisticated answer explain a bit of the hardware included inside the computer as well as some software, lastly the ages from fifty to seventy stated little to no information about the computer. These studies [(What’s) (How)] have shown that the majority of people understand that something is going on but just don’t understand what actually is occurring. So for the majority of people who don’t know or understand the computer let’s start with the physical interface of a computer. The actual computer is just a mesh of wires and chips put together inside of a metal shell. The usual computer is created with plastic and aluminum outer casings. The most expensive computers are made of a stainless steel casing that creates a durable cover for the fragile inner properties. It is really nothing complex but when we get into the hard ware that gets a bit more complicated.
The Hardware is anything that can be physically interacted with and also can be added on to the computer. This includes the key board, monitor, mouse, key pad, disk drives, chips and everything and anything that can be touched and has an objective (Wu). The monitors are usually LCD screens, what most TV screens are made of, that are connected by a cord that sends information from the computer to the screen. The next item is the QWERTY keyboard, created by Mr. Qwerty, which we use to interact with our computer system. The keyboard translates our language into the binary code and communicates with the computer for us (Watson). We will go more into binary and translations later on in this article. Next is the CD ROM drive, which stands for compact disk Read - only memory drive, which allows you to put CD’s into the computer and read the information placed on it. With CD’s a little out of date we can use USB drives, which stand for Universal Serial Bus drives, that allow us to input a USB and read all the information stored on it like a CD but it allows us to hold much more information on it. Now for an important part of Hardware, the chips. These chips are not ones you eat but the ones that run your computers most important processes include the central processing unit motherboard, memory, video card, sound card, and many more chips. The CPU or central processing unit is practically the brain of the computer (Arguelles). It