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“Suddenly she discovered, in a black satin case, a superb diamond necklace; her heart began to beat covetously. Her hands trembled as she lifted it. She fastened it round her neck, upon her high dress, and remained in ecstasy at sight of herself. Then, with hesitation, she asked in anguish: ‘Could you lend me this, just this alone?’ ‘Yes, of course.’”
In this quote, Madame Loisel is talking to Madame Forestier about a diamond necklace that she would like to borrow to attend a distinguished party with her husband. Leading up to this point, Madame Loisel is an unwealthy woman that has always wanted to be a part of luxury. She has always imagined herself with antique silks, priceless ornaments, perfume rooms, along with vast amounts of clothes and jewelry. One evening her husband arrives home and hands her an envelope. Inside, was an invitation to a prestigious ball. Because she is not wealthy and cannot afford to buy authentic diamonds on her own, Madame Loisel sought after the help of her friend Madame Forestier who is a very wealthy woman and because Loisel could not afford to buy a diamond on her own she settled to borrow.
I decided on this quote because it explains how you can determine the outcome of your own fate without ever realizing. Being too greedy and not being thankful for what you currently posses, could end up in total dismay. I chose this story because it relates a lot to how society is viewed today. We all take things for granted and are unappreciative of what we have at our fingertips.
In my opinion the elements of fiction that are reflected in my focus excerpt is plot and setting to tell the theme. Other elements that are used are character and point of view. The Necklace proves that the consequences of lying override the benefits of lying and then trying to cover for it afterwards. This theme also functions as…