Why Don T The Victims Leave The Violent Relationships

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Why don’t the victims leave the violent relationships?
Are you afraid of physical aggression such as slapping, hitting, kicking and beating. Domestic Violence is one of the pervasive of all skills. The greatest threat to the women’s safety comes not from strangers but from their own partners. The children involved grow up to repeat the same patterns of family violence as adults. Although it is often difficult to have domestic violence treated and punished as a crime. Domestic abuse has reaching epidemic proportions. How can it be stopped? How can a young woman avoid being caught in an abusive relationship? “Domestic Violence is a pattern of behaviors including a variety of tactics. Some physically injurious and some not, some criminal and some not” (Domestic Abuse Shelter in Florida Keys page 1). A combination of physical force and terror used by the perpetrator that causes physical and psychological harm to the victim. There are many complex reasons for not seeking help from domestic violence. Fear is one reason why most women don’t seek help. The threat to most woman in domestic violence is the batter. The batter always threatens the victim. For example, the batter will say “If you leave me I will kill you.” That’s a threat to the victim because the batter is telling the victim that he will kill her if she leaves the relationship. In this whole situation the victim is threatened and afraid, so they are afraid to approach a family member or friend because they know that they would do something about it. “The fear is experienced by woman and children whose homes are the sites of male violence is not something that is constructed through the media representations, but through the lived experience of their everyday lives. It is a private fear, often not shared even with a family or friends, partly with because of fear that family or friends might intervene and make the situation worst than what it was before”(Warrington 2001).”Yet although violence happens within