The New England Patriots: Making the Team Essay

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American football is one of the most popular games played and followed in United States. Many believe it to be No. 1 sport in North America and take it as religion than sports. It is dream of majority of youngster to pursue their careers in American football, as it is source of wealth and glory. To attain a successful career one has to play this game before he is 14. He has to be part of High School League, College League, and eventually National Football League (NFL).
NFL is the highest level of professional American football in United States. There are 32 teams at any time playing for NFL. Although NFL hosts several games all round the year but Super Bowl is undoubtedly the most popular game of the year. It is the champion ship game
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With all players being paid in same ballpark, there will be no jealousy and bitterness among players over earnings. This created environment where players have mutual respect among themselves and they bonded at personal level. Players were more motivated and have love for the game; they play for the sake of winning and glory rather than gaining wealth. This environment calls for players who are not only star players but are good humans at their heart.
Strong connection between players also elevated spirit of team playing in the roster. Players did not only bond on the ground and locker room but went out of their way to help each other with personal problems.
Motivating Players
Belichick truly realized the fact that American Football is not a one-man show. It has to be a collective effort from team to gain glory. To nurture team playing spirit Belichick offered versatility of playing styles to each player and help them grow their worth. Each player in the Patriots played at multiple positions and performed best at each of the position. Players also have to get use to new style of playing and learn it from coach and peers. This makes players all-rounders.
This is major motivating factor for players; they get to learn how to play at different positions in different styles. This keeps player from getting bored playing at same positions and styles. Learning new skills, every now and then, stretch their abilities and they performed beyond their imaginations. This was also