The New Jim Crow Summary

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The New Jim Crow" highlights the racial measurements of the War on Drugs. It contends that government drug approach unjustifiably targets groups of color, keeping a huge number of youthful, black men in a cycle of neediness and in jail.
The book starts by discrediting claims that prejudice is dead. The individuals who accept that full uniformity been accomplished would do well to notice numerous African Americans' existence today. A remarkable measure of blacks are still banned from voting in light of the fact that in almost every state, as sentenced criminals can't vote. A huge number of African Americans have served time in jail as a consequence of drug convictions and are marked criminals forever. Voting is also banned for those as of now
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Alexander composes exceptionally well, so its a simple read notwithstanding its heavy content. This book provides a convincing case to her affirmation that the criminal equity system's unmistakably biased practices have effectively added to undercaste in today's general public. It is especially useful for the individuals who wish to learn more about the crossing point of the criminal equity system and social equity. For instance, how does such an issue influence family life in the Black community? How does the disgrace of having a criminal record influence the individual when he (or she) is discharged from jail? This book serves to address these sorts of concerns. It begins somewhat slow as I was wondering how she was going to demonstrate her claims, but once you get further in you're hooked. The proof is shocking. It felt like I was reading about the USSR's justice system as opposed to America's. On the off chance that white Americans were dealt with in this crazy way, these approaches would've been completely different years back. It is an enlightening read. I wish this book were required reading in every high school and college across the nation. Just by teaching the American open about the way its criminal justice system has been weaponized against minorities will we be able to bring out a difference and realize change. Mass incarceration is simply the most recent