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Recently the National Football League has been making changes due to the increase in head injuries. Most would look at this as an improvement, but in reality the changes have almost diminished the remains of the original game of football. Changes have been made to all different aspects of the game: the equipment, rules, and plays. While equipment is used solely to protect the players, it can also distract them from making a catch or a throw.
Equipment has come a long way from what it began as. In fact, it has come a long way from just a few years ago. In blah , players wore helmets made of leather. Today the helmets are made out of blah . Another change in equipment is the back flap. When football began there were no back pads. Now players wear a back flap that is used to support their back in an event of a collision. Although these improvements intended good, the equipment can cause a lot of problems. All together, the new equipment can weigh an extra eight pounds. This slows the players down and has more chances of getting in the way. Also, it makes it harder on the opponent to tackle the players. New rules have been set that stops players from grabbing on to any of this equipment.
Holding is a common penalty called in football. Holding is when a player grabs another player by the collar of his uniform, near the shoulder pads. However, this term has not always existed in football. In the 1930’s, players were known to sling their opponents to the ground by yanking on their pads and uniform. This is where the original game has been tampered with. Although football is supposed to be a contact sport, the National Football Association has made rules that are slowly turning football into a soft touch sport. This change is not just due to the equipment and rules