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The National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association, or more commonly known as the NRA, is the single most powerful non-profit organization in the United States. Established on November 17, 1871, in New York, the group has grown to approximately 3 million members, all of which are patriotic supporters of the Second Amendment. The NRA serves one sole purpose in the U.S., and that is to promote: marksmanship, firearm safety, protection of hunting, self-defence, and gun ownership rights. The group bases its political position on the fact that firearm ownership is a civil liberty protected by the Second Amendment which comes from the Bill of Rights.

American gun culture is based on the right to own a gun and to protect oneself.
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All of these issues made his gun sales a threat to everyone. In 2003 alone, Abrams Valley Guns, was missing documentation for 422 firearms. Of those firearms sold by Abrams in 2003, 11 of them were used in murders, 41 assults, and 46 drug cases.

The NRA was the only reason why Abrams was able to keep his firearm license and continue selling guns. During all his violations as a gun dealer he maintained a position as an NRA director. Also at the same time, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency was trying to shut Abrams down, but he had so much support from the NRA that he was re-elected three times and in fact the NRA even provided a lawyer for his struggle with the ATF. After ten years the ATF was able to shut him down only to find that Abrams continued to sell guns legally from his mothers building next door.

The NRA has managed to prevent many gun controlling parties and laws from taking away what the NRA claims is their rights. Starting with the NRA preventing the ATF agency from attend gun show even though the sellers may be making many illegal gun sales. They also in some states have made it illegal for police officers to share crime gun information. Making it difficult and almost impossible to catch the criminals. In essence the NRA is allowing firearms reach the hands of criminals with little or no