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The Odyssey
The Odyssey is an epic poem about love and how if someone beyond doubt is devoted to a person, they will do whatever is required to keep that emotion strong and alive. Penelope’s compassion is so pure for Odysseus that she will do anything, even risk her own life, to keep it going. Passionate desire is so rare that in order to grasp and hold on to it people are willing to give up anything and everything for it. Penelope proves that adoration never fails as she struggles to keep her affection for Odysseus strong during his twenty year voyage even after receiving awful news of his death. Penelope lies to the men intending on replacing Odysseus as her husband in order to prolong trading her soul mate for a guy she cannot stand marrying. For example, she tells her suitors “’…let me finish my weaving before I marry.’”(134) and that “’… it is a shroud I weave for Lord Laertes…’” It is sometimes hard to tell a good lie and by Penelope telling such a clever one verifies that she is very intelligent. Her doing this proves that Penelope will do what is needed to protect the throne of Ithaca and her marriage from breaking. In addition, every night for three years Penelope unbinds the shroud, a risky act, but to her it is completely worth not having to substitute her companion with one of the suitors. Willing to put her life on the line, she readily heads down a dangerous path for both herself and her household. Determination fills her heart as Penelope continues to lie for Odysseus and unweave the shroud instead for quitting and remarrying. Showing unconditional affection Penelope not only delays a wedding, she does not want, but she also waits for her one and only to return and him forever remain in her arms. Penelope locks her heart away and guards it with great caution so she will never be devoted to someone other than Odysseus. Then, at a contest to win her hand Penelope provides her lords hunting bow to her suitors while saying “’…bend it and string it if you can…’” (9) And that they must shoot an arrow through twelve axe heads. Luck is in Penelope’s favor when she makes this contest because Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca to regain control over the island and everyone on it. It is fascinating that Penelope is able to think of a contest so quickly that she knows no one other than her spouse is capable of accomplishing. Finally, when Odysseus comes home Penelope tests him by saying that her bed has been moved, but it is