Archetypes In The Odyssey

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The archetypical hero is someone who steps in the line of fire for something with a certainty that when they do, so it could cost them their life. They don’t do it to become an action figure later but because their patterns call them to action. This is someone that is both sacrificing and selfless. In the Odyssey, Odysseus—an epic hero known for both his physical strength and his mental guile—through the final stage of the Hero’s Journey. Throughout his journey, the theme: mental strength over physical strength is depicted time and time again. Through the hero’s journey archetype, and other significant character and setting archetypes found in the Odyssey, the reader can comprehend the importance of mental strength over physical strength. …show more content…
After them being lovers for a year Odysseus’ men beg him to leave saying: “‘Captain, shake off this trance, and think of home一/ if home indeed awaits us, / if we shall ever see/ your own well-timbered hall on Ithaca’” (Homer 10.183-185) And with Odysseus’ mental strength he is able to come out of his trance, even though physically he wanted to