The Old Testament: The New Covenant

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The Old Testament is still considered an important piece of literature due the historical significance and all of its implications interwoven within the New Testament. With the exception of Luke, who is hypothesized to have written the Gospel according to Luke as well as the book of Acts, all other writers were of the Hebrew people. Almost all the events and experiences written were about the Hebrew people. After Jesus’ death, the New Testament records that the Jewish themselves crossed the frontiers and gave their teaching to other races. The reason that we refer to it as the Old Testament is that it is a “covenant” between God and His chosen people, just like the new “covenant” that has been established within the New Testament. The Old Covenant is the covenant of God with his people before Jesus Christ. The New Covenant was made possible through the birth of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament closes with the period previous to the birth of Jesus. The New Testament begins with the birth of Christ …show more content…
The reasons that a city was built on a hill relies on a simple defense strategy that help to fortify the city in case of attack as well as having an adequate water supply was a requisite in choosing a proper location for the city as well. The cities were compacted into a small place because walled cities were strongholds, and it was best not to have the center too far from the walls. Each city had gates that would be utilized for a variety of reasons. Near the gates were open places used as centers of community life. Here contracts were made, judicial assemblies held, and public announcements were made. Strangers who had no home in the city stayed the night there also. The seven biblical cities of great importance and they are as follows: Hebron, Jericho, Jerusalem, Samaria, Caesarea, Nazareth and