Essay on The Pregnancy Teen Scene

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The Pregnancy Teen Scene
Jalond Smith
American InterContinental University

The Pregnancy Teen Scene

Teen Pregnancy is at an all-time high. Girls between the ages of 9 and 19 have been getting pregnant at exceptionally high rates. We as parents and educators need to figure out a better way to teach our children about sex, the prevention of pregnancy and self-control. We really need to find out why is Teen pregnancy is happening everywhere, even when preventive avenues are there. I do not agree with teen pregnancy, but I know that it is going to happen. We can start with sex education in the home and at school. Too many parents are uneducated themselves about talking to their children about sex. I think that there should be a 2 hour long sex education class that is brought to every school for 6th grade through the 12th grade as well as the parents of these students. This class can be done once a year for a full week and can be done in big or small groups. The instructors can then talk about abstinence, pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, and different types of sexual encounters; such as oral sex, anal sex, for play and traditional sex. The students can ask questions about these topics and the parents can give life lessons and stories. The average teenager does have stress, but teen mothers’ face challenges that cause them to have stress that is in comparison to an adult. They are more likely to be unemployed, high school drop outs, and live poorly, needing to be on government assistance. The teen fathers’ that get these girls pregnant are most times not ready to become fathers and they do not marry the mothers or often times are not in the picture at all. If a young lady becomes pregnant, her prenatal care is very important. Prenatal care help keeps you and your baby healthy through vitamins, diet and exercise. For those who are in the low income bracket, you may qualify for