Why Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools Essay examples

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Why Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools

Most America teenagers are sexually active and think nothing could ever happen to them. But, many of them are misinformed about the risks that are involved in sex. Teens also don't always know the best ways to protect themselves and their partners from becoming pregnant or getting STD's. Alan Harris said, the more educated someone is the more likely they are to make responsible and informed choice for their behaviors. Sex education given by teachers at school is the most relabel way to give kids the right information about sex. In schools sex education information is give by professional and has be proven by many reports all over the country and world. The first formal attempts at
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Teen sex and pregnancies is out of control in America. These teen mothers are not ready for sex or pregnancies. The median age of first sexual intercourse for girls is just above sixteen years old (16.2), or 11th grade and the median age for boys is around fifteen and a half years old (15.7) or 10th grade. Kids who live in poor and or broken homes do poorly at school, have no interest in college, and whose parents have low education; are one to three years younger the first time they engaged in sexual intercourse(Berne .4). Harriet Pilpel and Laurie Rockett have found in a study of parents that, eighty percent of the parents believed the sex education should be taught in schools. The SIECUS report of November 1979 found that, only one to three percent of parents did not give their children permission to attend the schools sex education class. Sex education is best when taught in schools. Because, schools have professional teaching the information and get their information from surveys and reports. Teens do not always get along with their parents and will not take the advise evening if it is right information. And the teens peers usually spread false information around to each other which can be harmful or even deadly for teens. If the schools are allow