The Principles and Values of Working With Children Essay

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An introduction to Working with Children
Describe the main legislation in the UK that supports the rights of children
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child-1992
The UNCRC sets out in detail how every child needs to have a happy, safe and fulfilled childhood regardless of their social origin, religion or gender and their background. This piece of legislation gives children important basic rights such as opportunities to have an education and healthcare, as shown as it says “Children have the right to live. Governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily” this ensures how every child has the right to life and should be treated fairly.
The Human Rights Act-1988
The Human Rights Act ensures that everybody has basic human rights and freedom is guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights as shown “The right to life – protects your life, by law” the quote explains how this Act protects everyone from harm and allows everyone to live their life as we all have a right to life.
Children Act- 2004
The Children Act identifies and places a lot of responsibilities on child practitioners so they can work together and help a child to stay safe, have fun and be healthy ect, this is emphasised as “ the Act creates a whole code of law about the up-bringing of children which aims to bring about the very best we can achieve within the bounds of legislation for children whether they are living within their families, or in need of local authority services or in want of protection from abuse” this states how the Act is supporting to protect children from any harm or abuse.
Describe the Principles and values that underpin working with children
Positive relationships is the principle that I have chosen, positive relationships are essential in the placement setting as children usually copy and repeat what they see others doing around them, if children have a strong loving bond with others around them they will become caring and…