The Progressive Era

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America has greatly changed from pre and post World War One and present day America in many aspects. For instance, the political climate, economic systems, entertainment industries, and overall lives of Americans has changed drastically over time. Although some things have proven to stay the same, each era brought on new changes and ideas that have since changed history and the way the United States is today. Society during these time periods have greatly changed and conformed to social aspects and political changes.
There has been a lot of change due to politics during pre World War 1, post World War 1, and present day America because of choices made by the presidents and by the people. First off, during pre world war 1, the Progressive Era
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Strict regulations were placed on big businesses and changes in industrialization shaped the economy of the time. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania reports that a rise in economic activity was due to the cheap wages provided as well as the industrialization of big businesses. Although the people asked the government to expand their role in regards to the economy during the Progressive Era, the 1920’s demonstrated the exact opposite. During the 1920’s, also known as “The Roaring Twenties,” wages increased as well as the rate of employment, creating a booming economy. President Calvin Coolidge encouraged the idea of a Laissez Faire based economy, allowing the people to control the economy rather than the government. A consumer economy, based on the people’s excessive spending, also took place in the 1920’s. This increased leisure time among household Americans, according to U.S. History. Undoubtedly, “The Roaring Twenties” displayed a much more individualistic based economy while the Progressive Era encouraged the idea of government regulation. In present day America, the economy is considered to be mixed. This means that the government controls private and public businesses but not completely, proving to be a median between the Progressive Era and the 1920’s economies. The government does partake in regulations on businesses, like in the Progressive Era; however, it grants …show more content…
The political climate, economic systems, entertainment industries, and lives of the people have, in general, shaped each time period into distinctly its own. Though there are some similarities in each time period, America has experienced great changes. World War I greatly effected America economically, socially, and politically that changed many aspects of our