The Pros And Cons Of The Republican Party

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To answer the above question, we must look at what the needs of the average American are today. According to a new study “an average American needs to make $19.35 per hour to afford rent on a small apartment,” this must depend on where you live, in a rural area or a large city. I have been taught that the government is not responsible for meeting our needs and one must live within their means, not spending more than they make. The government’s role should be for our nation’s security.

From research gathered on the two parties, the Republican party appears to represent a conservative view that agrees with living within your means. The Democratic party represents more of a socialist view depending on the government for means.

The Republican party was created in 1854 by
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They are pro-capitalism (an economic system, which investments and ownership of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth are made by private individuals or corporations). They support gun owners rights, favor the death penalty, call for strong abortion laws, with strong opinions on recognizing the right to the life of unborn human being and condemns the tax-supported Planned Parenthood. The Republican party has a strong belief in individualism, limited government, and business entrepreneurship.

Lastly, the political system is failing. We are in an economic downfall and have been for a long time, with each generation becoming worse. Both political parties continue to disappoint their masses. Politics and the government are out of control, with unnecessary debt and too much government excess. The average politician makes over 200,000 per year (low scale), with more than 87,000 local and state governments representing more than 511,000 offices. While the average American suffers trying to survive in this economy. Until the massive government bloat is under control we the average American will