The Purpose Of PSA

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1.The purpose of a PSA is to discuss an ongoing situation and give ways to prevent the issue from occurring.

2. Animoto is a website that offers tools to create different types of videos. It can be used to make personal or educational videos. The features on the website is easy to use and includes a vast music library and unique functions to display your clips. The website also has an app, which makes it easy to share with my group members.
3.My group is using Windows Movie Maker because our group is familiar with this program the most. It would be the easiest way to put together the PSA video.

4.In nowadays, there are many teenagers and college students dead from a car accident which the driver was texting while driving and it will take the driver’s attention away. Though we create a story about a guy texting while driving. And the most important part of the presentation is a person who was texting while driving and hit a girl.

5. Gaining the audience’s attention is the first thing you must do when you begin your speech. It is important to gain attention because this determines whether your audience will pay attention to you throughout your presentation. Establishing credibility will make you appear to have more credibility. Your credibility will determine how trustworthy you are. Giving a preveiw of your speech at the end of the introduction will give relevance to the information you are about to present. If the audience feels that your information is relevant to their life, they will appear more interested in your topic and listen to what you have to say. The last goal of an introduction is to let the audience know that the body of the speech is about to being. A transitional statement will allow the audience to identify when your speech is about to start.

6. Four types of attention getters: speaking loudly and clear, dress well, have a strong tone, be emotional.

7. Ethos meens the way ome is able to comvince others by means of their character. On the presentation date, our team plans to dress well, be confident, and speak coherantly. We also plan on establishing a personal connection with the class. We will speak from our hearts in order