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The Ranch
Labor Day weekend is usually the weekend that there is an extensive amount of traffic, so it’s not fun to go out because you will be stuck in traffic. However, this year’s Labor Day weekend was amazing. It was a nice mini vacation that was much needed for my family and I. My families ranch was a nice getaway for my family and I because we got to spend quality time with each other; something that is very rare when we are at home. My family and I went to spend time with some family members at their ranch and spent three relaxing days there. My mother had planned to leave on Friday evening and come back on Sunday evening. During those three days, we settled into our rooms, went fishing, spent time by the lake, and relaxed by the pool.
We arrived at the ranch on Friday and imidetaley started unpacking to make it feel more like home. The rooms where we stayed looked beautiful their was a bunch of vintage belongings in the rooms what made it feel elegant and cool. Also the backyard had a beautiful view of trees, flowers, horses, and an enormous lake. The horses looked so calm and free it was amazing. Thiere was two horeses one black and one white. The white horse was my favorite becaise it looked more exotic his name was marshmellow and the black one was named hershy. As I went outside to explore the backyard, I felt like I was in a desert. The sun was beaming down on me, and I felt as if I was melting like how ice melts on a hot summer day. For dinner, my mother had made some delicious juicy steaks that were cooked medium rare with steamed vegetables and white rice. The steak looked perfect it; was as pink as a pig on the inside. Then, we decided to end the night with a bonfire and s’mores.

For our first day at the ranch, we went down to the lake for the day. The lake was huge, the water was glistening under the sun, and it looked very inviting. While at the lake, my family and I saw a lot of animals, but mainly birds. The birds were chirping loudly, and it sounded like calm relaxing piano music to my ears. My family and I decided to bring the horses out and ride them. Although my father was setting up his poles to start fishing, he managed to help us get on the horses and tell us what and what not to do while riding the horses. As I got on the horse i got this huge adrenaline rush and got so scared I was thinking nothing but bad thoughts in my head but my dad assured me I would be okay. As I started riding the horse slowly I felt as free as a bird it was so much fun. After my dad knew I was comfortable he left me ride the horse on my own but not far from him he wanted me to stay close and he continued fishing. My dad had caught a catfish which felt very slimy, slippery, cold, and looked very weird with a thin long looking mustache. As the sun started setting over the horizon, our first