The Real Monster In Frankenstein

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Slimy, wet, and crawling around in the dark. Is that the real monster? A monster does not always have to be an ugly creature of the night. A monster will focus solely on its selfish needs and wants that if anyone gets in their way, they do not care what they will do to them. A monster is someone who hides his face from everyone and with it their true intentions. This is my definition of a true monster. When a monster is brought into this world, they are usually human. Men are the most monstrous out of any other animals because men have morality and know what is right and what is wrong. When someone chooses to do something evil, it is worse then a rabid dog who harms another person. The difference between the two are that the dog could not think because it was crazed but most men can think. The real monsters create more men like them, in the way they carry out their every day lives, by hurting others." You worry about psycho killers, I say then, stop creating them." (Rasmussen) A monster is a best friend turning on another friend because of envy or greed. Real men are the killers and liars. Monsters in movies merely reflect the actions of men. …show more content…
A selfish monster gets people to snap and to fulfill their psychotic urges. Rasmussen wrote, “that we cannot stop people from becoming psychotic but we can help control these people through our own actions by not making people feel ashamed of themselves or pushing them to this point.” Someone who is selfish, loves to laugh at the misfortune they've caused you and the great wealth that you've brought them. This person will get what they want and they will not think twice about the harm they have caused. If this monster befriends someone, it is only for their usefulness to