Frankenstein Chapter 5 Summary

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Short analysis of chapter IV After reading the beginning part of IV chapter, I was deeply impressed by the author’ s imagination. The writer used some descriptive techniques to create a horrible and thrilling atmosphere, such as detail description, scenery description and psychological description and so on. Besides, the fantastic storyline of the IV chapter can arouse reader’ s interest in reading greatly. In this paper, I would like to analyses the psychology of characters, including Frankenstein the monster he created. Initially, when Frankenstein waited for the result of his experiment, he felt extremely excited and thrilled. There are lots of detail descriptions that add the tension to the atmosphere. For instant," The rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out". Such descriptions will make it easier for readers to understand the atmosphere. Gradually, Frankenstein felt disgust and fear. Because he found the fact that the "man" he created was ugly and weird. The author used one paragraph to reveal the appearance of the monster. Black hair, yellow skin, watery eyes, shriveled complexion and straight black lips all make Frankenstein fell disgust and fear. Hence, he left the lab and rushed back to bedroom. However, he was too anxious to fall asleep and he even had nightmares after a long struggle. Also, Frankenstein was full of disappointment after seeing the strange creature that created by himself. I hold the view that the fear of Frankenstein is more than his disappointment. He went to his yard to escape from the monster and caught sound nervously afraid the approaching of the demoniacal corpse. In short, the personality of Frankenstein is contradictory. He felt excited to infuse life to an inanimate body, at the same time, he was disappointed about the result and even afraid of the monster that created by himself. However, such contradict also makes the character more real. Another indispensable role in the chapter IV absolutely is the monster. To be honest, although I also think the monster’ s appearance is scared, I do not consider his personality