The Rebellion Essay

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Priscilla Botero
Ms. Hall
English Comp 2
Final Project
The Rebellion
Hello my fellow friend’s I know you might not even want to hear a word I am saying or even believe what I am about to tell you but I would like for you to give me a chance and explain to you why I am here. I have gathered you all here today because I want to help bring back the rebellion. We should all be equal, why do I get more because I was born a pig. I have had to watch a lot of you be abused and I do not want to hold my tongue anymore even if it’s to my own kind. That is the problems that word “my own kind “aren’t we all animals .I want to help if you just give me a chance. Not all pigs think the same we are smart enough to have our own beliefs and our own thoughts. I got the opportunity to speak with Benjamin and some of the other animals they helped me learn all about the rebellion and the attacks that happened. I want to help you guys plan an attack but before I tell you this I would like for you to think what went wrong. Let’s ask ourselves what happened. You took over the manor farm for many reasons. To achieve unity, equality trust, freedom and individuality. At first I believe you did but there was one that did not want that, Napoleon. He only wanted to grab the power and to make profit. That day when his guard dogs chased the correct leader snowball was the day the rebellion was over and the new dictatorship began. He saw his chance to do that when Mr. Jones was expelled .then napoleon relentlessly pursued his policy of control. His motives were never to have equality his motives were to become the new master of manor farm and become Mr. Jones. He doesn’t even have respect for his own kind when he made his treacherous guard dogs rip the throat of our fellow pig friends also killed many of your friends. There is no divided power napoleon controls it all. As a result he gets his way through force, and he can create laws and no one can say anything. We are worst then Mr. Jones. You should have preceded education to read and write. This is one of the reasons why napoleon got away with it. Napoleon and Squealer deceived you they changed each commandment on the wall and the only person that really knew was Benjamin but I except why he did not speak up because if not he would have been killed a long time ago and I would not been standing here speaking to you. Let’s start with the first commandment “whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.” That rule was broken when napoleon started trading our resources’ with the other farm. The second commandment “whatever goes upon two legs, or has wings is a friend. That was broken because he killed and uses you as slaves. Why did he hate snowball so much he should have been proud but no he was envious and jealous. Snowball was the only thing standing in his way. Third commandment “No animal shall wear clothes” That was broken when they started living in the house and putting on Mr. Jones and his wife’s clothing. Fourth commandment “No animal shall sleep in a bed that was broken when napoleon started sleeping on the bed. Fifth commandant no animal shall drink alcohol to the excess. The word excess was never there Benjamin told me they added that after snowball left. Also I have seined napoleon myself sell our hard-earned resources’ for barley. Instead of fixing the lights in the stalls or having food for you. Six commandment no animal shall kill any other animal without cause once again without cause was never there we were to never hurt one another and he does. Seventh commandment all animals are equal but some animals are more than others that is just complete and utterly wrong. It is all animals are equal without that one we have nothing and that’s why we failed. You have to take back what’s yours. There should be a whole new meaning to the word animalism. What does animalism mean? What was old major trying to accomplish. Old Major passes on in his first speech that humans are the enemy because they